Grunder 50 Plus

Organisation: Grunder 50 Plus Location: German cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Hannover and Bremen Type: Social enterprise

Classification/filtering data

  • Country: Germany
  • Domain: Lifelong learning, skills and employment
  • Stage: Middle
  • Primary Impact: Enhancing individual capacity
  • Secondary Impact: Participation

Social innovation project

  • Target group

    Older people (50+) at risk of poverty

  • Reason

    To support older entrepreneurs to start their own business through the provision of individual & group/workshop advice sessions who have lost their job but have experience & knowledge that can be mobilised into a small business

Domains & development stage

  • What social determinant of health domains does it address?

    Work/self-employment; income

  • What stage of development is the social innovation at?
    Pilot to scaling up stage;

Summary of activity and how it is innovative

  • What does the social innovation involve and how is it innovative?

    Provides intensive support to older people about the process of starting a small business; there is relatively little existing support for older people to become entrepreneurs in Germany

Brief history

  • How long has the social innovation been operating?

    Started in 2007

  • On what scale does the social innovation operate?
    Has grown to cover several cities.
  • What are the funding sources for the project?
    80,000 Euro budget, 3 employees, c.20 volunteers. 75% Foundation funded (Robert Bosch), 20% economic return on services & 5% EU funded

User/stakeholder involvement

  • How are user and stakeholders involved with the project?

Impact of the social innovation

  • What difference has the social innovation made?

    More than 10,000 older people have been in contact with the programme with numerous examples of successful start-ups. Expanding through social franchise system to new locations

  • Is there research evidence of impact?


  • Is the social innovation likely to be sustainable?

    75% Foundation funded (Robert Bosch), 20% economic return on services & 5% EU funded

  • Has the social innovation been scaled up in the country of origin?

Transferability & implementation

  • Is the social innovation transferable to other countries?

    Is a transferable idea (In UK. Prince's Trust has similar project - PRIME for mature entrepreneurs);

  • What are the main challenges to implementation?
    Implementation depends on delivering good quality training & support to older people to enable them to develop good business ideas

Further information

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Funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme
FP7-HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-1/No 306058

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